“The best place to play in Canada!” Jane Bunnett

Welcome to GigSpace Performance Studio!  GigSpace is housed within the vibrant teaching community at Alcorn Music Studios.  GigSpace Performance Studio is dedicated to creating inspired artistic performances, while providing an intimate listening room for discerning audiences.  GigSpace seats 46 persons and is a not-for-profit organization with charitable status.

“The acoustics and geometry of this room have the uncanny ability to make the performer feel very relaxed, allowing connection with the audience on a fun and casual level and inspiring performances that flow with great dynamics.” Ray Montford

“this is a beautiful space” Sheila Jordan

“GigSpace is the best thing to happen to Ottawa in years!” Nick Fraser

Stage panorama 2013

“the performance space is stunning. . . truly so.” John Geggie

“I love playing here. The sound and atmosphere are magical!” Roddy Ellias

“ People were really focused and paying attention. Because of that, it enables all kinds of sonic exploration and very subtle and quite nuanced sonic explorations, the likes of which might not read, might not be heard very clearly in a club setting.” Jesse Stewart