ART Gallery 2011-2012

November 2012 Featured Artist – Paul Rivard
I have owned a camera since I was 12 years old. In my last year of University, in 1982,  I joined the darkroom club (and the community radio station the previous year). A Pentax SLR camera was offered to me that year and I jumped at the opportunity and have never stopped shooting since. I have used black & white film, color film, colour slides and went digital several years ago.  I have been influenced by Canadian photographers Freeman Patterson, by several members of the Montreal Camera Club and am currently reading the biography of Ansel Adams. I have participated in Freeman’s workshops, both in 1987 and in 2011, and learned how to convey emotions into photography. I am very fond of Mother Nature and the beauty she creates every day. I enjoy photographing people and catching them “au naturel”. That special moment communicates the authenticity of the person. I guess that’s why I love taking pictures of children so much.  The current exhibit at Gigspace in Ottawa (November 12-December 14) reveals what I like best: the ocean front (Bay of fundy), musical concerts, Nature and just plain colours (I call it “digital paintings”).This is my second exhibit this year and I plan to do many more in the years to come. Your comments are most welcome –

October 2012 Featured Artist – Colleen Rollwagen
 Colleen’s joy is making her wildlife and landscape paintings reflect her love of natural beauty. Growing up in the prairies, she now lives in forested Nepean, and has spent many of her summers on the Rideau waterways, where many of her paintings have been showcased at the Cove Country Inn in Westport, Ontario. Always perfecting her craft, Colleen has taken many of her painting lessons at the Nepean Visual Arts Centre in Nepean, Ontario. Mentors include Shawn McNevin whose expertise is in capturing the soul of Newfoundland and seascapes. In 2000 Colleen began to paint her Christmas cards reflecting simple winter scenes. This became so well received that many recipients of these cards now collect them (some frame them) and hang all the old versions in their house at Xmas time. As an acrylic artist, now for over 14 years, she is always creating new ways to capture (via the acrylic medium) the essence of birds, animals, flowers, fruits, scenery, landscapes, seascapes, and animal portraits. Her paintings help evoke in us a calming peace, and the happiness of just “being.”

September 2012 Featured Artist – Doris Lamontagne 
Doris Lamontagne has been involved in art-making all her professional life, whether as a designer, photographer or an independent artist. Born in Quebec and having lived in many different Canadian cities and in the USA, she has made Ottawa her home since 1996. Trained in traditional film photography, she was an early adopter of digital photography. This series of digital photographic collages is her most recent exploration of visual expression with the camera.  About this show “Assembly required”: Unlike many photographers who use the panorama technique to assemble their images, she doesn’t crop the final picture in a frame. She prefers to expose what the photographer perceives outside the mechanical restriction of the camera’s viewfinder by bringing back the moment of discovery and the act of seeing in her final image where she recreates the photographic space in an all-encompassing emotional and intellectual depiction.  These photographs are all printed on archival art paper. If you wish to know more about my process or acquire a piece, please feel free to contact me at  or give me a call at 613 721-7074
I will be at the EBA vernissage on Sept 21, 6-9 p.m. where 2 photos of that series will be shown during Festival X / Nuit Blanche and until September 30th.

July & August 2012 Featured Artist – Angelena Carr 
Photographer, mixed media artist, and potter Angelena Carr has chosen a series of photographs for display during the summer season at the GigSpace gallery.


June 2012 Featured Artist – John Sekerka 
GuitART  – hey guitar geeks – check out the ‘member when guitars were cool? cool shapes, wacky headstocks, silly pickguards? why are new guitars so bland and boring? here at hipCRANK headquarters we take yawnsville strummers and turn them into, well … something completely different. see for yerself.    hipCRANK GUITAR MAUL DEPOT 


May 2012 Featured Artist – Lydia Tambay
Residence and studio in Ottawa. Artist, painter and sculptor (multi media). Art restoration: stone, bone, wood, ceramic, ivory, painting, etc. Fine Art studies by correspondence school (Paris, France); University of Manitoba (Winnipeg); Art Symposium (Winnipeg); Ottawa School of Art (Ottawa); Commercial Art, Bauder College (Fort Lauderdale, Florida). Member of many art groups and associations: Ottawa Art Association (OAA), National Capital Network of Sculptors, Ottawa Mixed Media Artists (OMMA), Art Lending of Ottawa, Kanata Civic Art Gallery, Various sessions and stages with Inuit sculptor Natar Ungalaq; neon sculpture (Florida); Also various art activities including Ottawa sceneries, prints, commissioned works, art restorations, scrimshaw art.

April 2012 Featured Artist – Val Roy

SOUL FOOD  – Music Embraces the soul;  Resonates deep in the heart;  Revives the spirit.   I paint to capture the energy of things that inspire me, my passions, and vitality for life, and to share this with others.  Energetic paint handling helps to convey my enthusiasm for the subject and keeps my work fresh and dynamic. My desire is to capture the mood, and the feeling of the music, rather than a literal rendering of the scene. For this reason, I prefer a gestural, semi-abstract approach.  I also seek a certain degree of ambiguity in my work, allowing the viewer to interact with the painting and bring their own experiences and feelings to the painting.

March 2012 Featured Artist – Brett Delmage
Asphalt Scene
 Asphalt: It’s everywhere. Have you seen it?
Starting on your own driveway you can travel for thousands of kilometres to the furthest places in the continent on an almost continuous surface of asphalt. Yet we rarely give much attention to this ubiquitous material (pothole season excepted!) In his premiere exhibit about this subject, Ottawa jazz photojournalist Brett Delmage redirects his and our attention to rock (and bitumen). His photographic prints explore asphalt’s visual
qualities and its relationship with humans and nature.

January/February 2012 Featured Artist – Rose David
UNDERCOVER HUMANS – An exhibition o f contemporary portraiture by Rose David.
Since the time of earliest mankind, we have sought to change our outward appearance in order to emulate our gods, strike fear into the hearts of our enemies, attract mates and enhance our personal expression.  We have costumed, masked, tattooed and painted our faces and bodies to achieve our under cover personas.  Executed in a vibrant acrylic palette, this collection explores our common fascination with disguise and the human art of self adornment.

November 2011 Featured Artists – Jane Keeler and Jake Morrison
Double Vision Double Photographic Print Show
“Patterns” by Jake Morrison
Patterns are all around us. Our lives have patterns. Nature makes the best patterns. Thousands of dimensions affect everything that grows, creating an almost endless variety – but a patterned variety.
The squares shown here mostly come from the ornamental gardens at the Central Experimental Farm. The mysterious swamp is from Mere Bleue.
“Colour Dreams” by Jane Keeler
Before I had glasses at age 8, all the world was soft and blurry. I loved the fine detail that lenses provided, but never lost my loyalty to the encompassing mystery of large fields of colour, especially the vivid colours of flowers, which seem to almost musically and sensually touch our imagination.

October 2011 Featured ArtistStephanie Bak
“Flowers of the Bogs”: This is the series that I am currently working on, since the fall of 2010.  It is based on these tiny little flow ers that you can only find in a bog called Mer bleue which is found just East of Ottawa.  I find them com plet ely captivating!  Their petals are unlike any other I’ve seen before in that they are sinewy.  The colour of these flowers range from a pale citrus green all the way to a d eep plummy maroon.  Due to the lack of nutrients in the acidic soil, these flowers have been growing ever so slowly over the past millennia!  They grow in clumps to form the moss bed of this carefully preserved piece of land.  I hope you enjoy my interpretation of these tiny beauties!