ART Gallery 2013

December 2013 Featured Artist:  Michael D. Smith  I am a painter who enjoys
Fishing Villageworking primarily with acrylics. Over the past few years, I have been invited to participate in several local Ottawa art shows. Currently I am one of the invited artists participating in the Sparks Street Artist Alley. My art can also be found hanging in homes throughout Ottawa as I have completed several private commissions.  When I set out to work, I seldom approach my canvas the same way. There are times when I have a firm idea of what I want to convey while at other times I will use an underpainting of bold colours as my jumping off point and see how things evolve. I will often use multiple layers of paint to achieve a finished work. I enjoy the look and visual feel of a heavily textured painting. Recently I have been experimenting with removing the paint on a canvas with the tip of my brush or a wire thereby creating a drawing within a painting. Although I have often referenced identifiable nature and wildlife in my art work, I consider myself an abstract painter. In the past I have been quite passionate in the representation of animals and insects, perhaps as homage to my boyhood dream of being an entomologist. Lately I feel that I have matured into exploring then recreating on canvas, the natural elements and organic lines of vintage buildings as well as modern architecture.

November 2013 Featured Artist:  Soraya Silvestri, Signs as: “Zizi”.
HeartsSoraya is a self taught artist. She live in Manotick with her husband and two children. Her art work reflects her passion for colour and love of nature in all it’s brilliance. “I have always had a passion for art and am immediately drawn to any painting in any room I’ve been in”. She has studied the play of light and dark conceived by the artists imagination using humble pigments brought together by the stroke of a brush and It still amazes her the feeling a painting can convey with a simple brush full of paint. Today, she strives to achieve to translate her personal experiences, what she sees, what she loves, and how she feels for something to her paintings.

Mike TaylorOctober 2013 Featured Artist:
“When I had the Time” – Mike Taylor

The pieces in this exhibit arrived during an intensely creative time of my life, a brief period I spent exploring paint and light. I continue to gather what the light brings me, but using photography. Some day, I hope to be able to return to painting as well.  Mainly self-taught, Mike takes his cues from what he sees around him. “My forms come mainly from nature. My point of view is informed by a love of this natural world, the conflicts we seem to inflict upon it and the sometimes-mundane acts we perform daily. Laughter and tears are never very far apart.

July & August 2013 Featured Artist – Young at Art.  Young at Art is a juried art exhibition that brings the work of young visual artists to local art galleries across the City of Ottawa. The exhibition, held annually since 1996.

hipcrank guitarJune 2013 Featured Artist – John Sekerka 
GuitART  -Recycling discarded, unwanted, neglected musical instruments, in an artistic manner.  Carved, chiseled, nailed, drilled, screwed, assembled, glued, tuned, and painted.  Unique, one of a kind, playable art. Do you hang it? Do you play it?  YES!
Try one out session and Q&A, 2 – 5 pm, June 16th, Ottawa Guitar Show at Alcorn Music Studios.


UMBREL~12April/May 2013 featured artist – Claude Brazeau, MPA (Master of Photographic Arts). My interest in photography dates back to high school. I’ve worked as a professional photographer since 1996, as a full-time freelancer since 2000. My business, which I admit I just love, consists mainly of wedding, portrait and event photography. Many of my musician friends have asked me to photograph them, these photos are used for promotional purposes in the media, on websites, posters and album covers.  Since photography is also my favourite hobby, I also love to go out and photograph the beauty of nature.  I am accredited in Wedding Formals, Animal Portrait, Environmental Family Portrait, portraiture, Couple Portraiture, Maternity, Environmental Portrait, Fine Art, Environmental Wedding, Canine, Feline, Pictorial Scenic, Senior Portrait, Performing Artists and Fashion with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). “To be accredited is to be recognized as an expert in a given field” PPOC policies and procedures manual.

I’m very proud to have been awarded:
Professional Photographers of Canada – Ontario, fall 2011:
Portrait Photographer of the Year
Best in Class Fine Art
Judge’s Choice
People’s Choice
Professional Photographers of Canada – Ontario, 2011
– Photojournalistic Wedding – Best in Class
Professional Photographers of Canada, National 2011
Photojournalistic Wedding – Best in Class
Professional Photographers of Canada – Ontario, 2011
2010 Portrait Photographer of the Year
– 2005 Prix d’Excellence from RGA (Ottawa francophone chamber of commerce association)
self-employed person of the year.

SylviaMarch 2013 featured artist – Sylvia Lima: “Winter Wonderland”
I’ve always loved taking photos. Not only as a means of capturing the beauty and essence of a particular moment in time, but also as a way to look back on the moments in life that may otherwise be forever lost with a blink of an eye. As a starving student in University, I picked up a job in a photolab to earn some extra money, and really enjoyed sharing in the many joyous moments that customers captured with their photos. Now, as a nurse working in a busy ER in Ottawa, I find that photography allows me to relax, unwind, and slow down in the otherwise relentless pace of life. My ‘Winter Wonderland’ montage of photos stemmed from this very activity. These photos, taken during a cottage getaway over the Christmas holidays,  represent the beauty and serenity of the winter season.

February 2013 featured artist – Monica Ferguson 
I am an Ottawa native who spends much of my time working with maps as a Cartographic Specialist. After many years of playing piano and cello I’m now revisiting my visually artistic side after having been introduced to the artist “Bhat Boy” about three years ago. Under Bhat’s tutelage, I’ve been producing works in the genres of Flowers, Landscapes and Architecture.
I aspire to painting images which show movement, even within static images. Even though I gravitate towards warm tones and the colours of the earth which comfort and restore me, I’m challenging myself to explore blue and cool colours, colours I find unsettling.
I’ve been inspired by travels to Italy and Scotland but also look to locations around me such as Wakefield, Quebec and I look forward to working on more house portraiture.
I’ve had the pleasure of participating in several group exhibitions but this is my first solo venture.   Monica I. Ferguson

January 2013 featured artist – Portfolio by Laurin
The power that motivates Laurin to create is the need to express her feelings, and to communicate them to others in a long lasting way.  Artistically speaking, it is therefore important that she has been filled with emotion prior to realizing her paintings.  Only then can her creations be spontaneous and instinctive. She’s a woman led by the strength of her feelings, a multidisciplinary artist and holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Design.  She is also an Author-Composer-Songwriter which allows her to better expand her creativity.  Her process begins with an abstract background which she deepens by the colors of striking moment. She investigates the material in search of significant aestheticism in her outbursts.  She uses a spatula to shape heavy-bodied paint directly on the canvas, in order to flesh out her own features.  She then adds layers of oil, acrylic and varnish looking for the emotion. She takes a few steps back, gets closer, and turns the painting until the portrait emerges. She gives life to these characters, connecting textures and colors. Enjoy your visit!