ART Gallery 2014

imageNovember/December 2014 Featured Artist – Josée Robillard  I am a mixed-media artist and printmaker living and working in Ottawa. I believe that the creative process in artistic self-expression offers a powerful and unique opportunity to promote growth, healing and transformation in and outside of one’s self. I am guided by an interest in the visual language of a thought or feeling, the generated image and its imminent potential for transformation. I investigate the power and vulnerability of a landscape, whether it is concrete or conceptual, its underlying energies and movements, and its affinity with the human experience. By means of experimentation, tactile techniques and layering, I have the opportunity to observe and explore the interaction of materials and the interplay of colour and form, subsequently creating texture and depth, and finding a balance between design and spiritual tone. The intent is to entice the viewer to look closely and consider what’s hidden within, between, and below the layers.  Intaglio is a printmaking process in which the design is cut, scratched, or etched into a printing surface of a copper, zinc, or aluminum plate. The ink is then rubbed into the incisions or grooves, the surface is wiped clean, and the paper is embossed into the incised lines with pressure from a roller press. Intaglio processes are the most versatile of printmaking methods, as they can produce a wide range of effects. Depending upon the colors used and the style of printing, many diverse images can be created from a single intaglio plate.

AnneMarie Zeyl ButterflyOctober 2014 Featured Artist – Annemarie Zeyl
I am a painter based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My formal art education concluded at the University of Ottawa in 1998. The pieces up at GigSpace this month are mostly oil on canvas with a bit of mixed media. I enjoy colour and the surreal. My other “painting” can be seen twice a year on the stage at the Gladstone Theatre when I paint on sets there.
My website is at

bassSept 2014 Featured Artist – Val Roy
Embraces the soul;  Resonates deep in the heart;  Revives the spirit.   I paint to capture the energy of things that inspire me, my passions, and vitality for life, and to share this with others.  Energetic paint handling helps to convey my enthusiasm for the subject and keeps my work fresh and dynamic. My desire is to capture the mood, and the feeling of the music, rather than a literal rendering of the scene. For this reason, I prefer a gestural, semi-abstract approach.  I also seek a certain degree of ambiguity in my work, allowing the viewer to interact with the painting and bring their own experiences and feelings to the painting.

June, July & August 2014 featured artist:
Brett Delmage – Jazz Scene: Jazz Heard!
Audience and architecture were activated by the music in a Guelph Jazzfest workshop which filled every corner of the Maconald Stewart Art Centre.“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”
Music photographers have often focused on the isolated form of a single musician. Indeed, almost every photograph nominated for the 2014 Jazz Journalists Association awards showed a sole musician. But does that adequately describe live performance? Listeners expect each live jazz performance to be unique, driven by the the physical and acoustic characteristics of the listening environment, the combination of musicians performing, their spontaneous responses to each other – and reactions to and interactions with listeners. As a photojournalist I strive to tell meaningful stories about these experiences. Above all Jazz Scene: Jazz Heard! includes listeners – because the jazz scene would not exist without them.

About the artist
Photojournalist Brett Delmage has enjoyed listening to live jazz and creative improvised music in Ottawa since he really discovered recorded jazz (on cassettes!) in the early 1980s, then discovered live jazz as a member of Jazz Ottawa, and a charter member of the Ottawa Jazz Festival in 1988.
On July 3, 2009, he founded the jazz news website, to better inform listeners about the creative and vibrant Ottawa-Gatineau jazz scene on the other 353 days (97%) of the year that the jazz festival isn’t happening. In its first five years, has published almost 10,000 articles: event listings, written interviews, news stories, photos, and videos about jazz and creative improvised music, and the people and organizations who make it happen.
Brett has photographed the Canadian jazz scene for 17 years, and has shown several public exhibits of photographic prints of jazz. Following his previous show, “Asphalt Scene”, he is delighted to return to the GigSpace Art Gallery, part of GigSpace Performance Studio, where he has enjoyed many wonderful jazz performances in its first three years.
Jazz Scene: Jazz Heard! is a special presentation for’s fifth anniversary.

May 2014 featured artist:  Patty & Jessica Paquette, Mother & Daughter
Patty Paquette
The Mother: Patty’s art work consists of bright bold colours and unencumbered stylizations that reflect her love for the folk art traditions of her maritime heritage. Patty has lived in Ottawa for many years and finds artistic inspiration along Nova Scotia’s south shore during holiday times in the summer months. She has been part of several group art exhibitions in Ottawa and Nova Scotia. One of her lighthouse paintings was selected as part of a 2014 Nova Scotia Lighthouse Calendar. This painting was also featured in the Winter 2013/2014 issue of “The Lightkeeper”, a publication of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society in Halifax. Painting brings this mother much creative joy!

Jessica PaquetteThe Daughter: One of Jessica’s earliest memories is going painting with her father Russ on the Mer Bleue boardwalk as a small child. His influence began a lifelong passion for drawing, painting and sculpture that has found its way into many facets of her life. Jessica graduated from Carleton University with a Degree in Art History and English and works as a Registered Early Childhood Educator with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board in a Kindergarten classroom. Her days are spent assisting small interesting people in their creative endeavors often involving recyclable materials and massive amounts of tape. She has exhibited her works locally at the Atomic Rooster, Character, Carleton University Art Gallery and is one of the featured artists in an upcoming exhibition as part of the Chinatown Remixed Art Festival, May 17-June 17, 2014. Jessica has been painting every Monday night as part of Bhat Boy’s art class with her mom and dad for years, and is excited to be exhibiting at GigSpace as part of a Mother & Daughter art exhibition!

April 2014 featured artist: Chantal Fournier
ice cream girlI am a graphic designer and illustrator who was born and raised in a small town
in New-Brunswick. I moved to Ottawa to complete my studies and have been living here ever since.  I love being able to do work both as a graphic designer and illustrator. I find that the mix of the knowledge and techniques that I have gained from both fields characterize my style. I am still a small town girl at heart who likes simple things and who loves to make people smile when they see my work. Most of my illustrations are geared towards children and it might have something to do with the fact that I still feel like one when I am drawing. I enjoy every moment of it and I hope that you, in turn, will enjoy my work. Please contact me for custom work, prints or if you have an interesting
project in mind!,

March 2014 featured artist: Josée Allain







February 2014 featured artist: Kate Oakley, PHD ellias electric
“Drummer’s Dream” This series of abstract paintings is inspired by the energy of jazz music, where the luminosity of colour fuses with the texture, shape and vibrancy of musical notes. Although a novice jazz drummer, the parallel between brushes used for drums and the artists’ paintbrush is evident. When painting, inner jazz energy seems to take over and direct the improvisational stroke of my paintbrush without conscious thought. When a painting is finished, therefore, I must pause—waiting for a subconscious memory to reveal itself and yield a title for the painting.
Bio: Originally born in England and migrating to Canada as a teenager, I began to play guitar and draw, as well as write, publish and perform poetry in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Actively discouraged by my family, however, from pursuing a career in the arts, I studied and worked in a variety of careers including academic researcher and lecturer, etc., and travelled extensively. The journey, although enriching, always left me wanting for deeper self-expression. More recently, after experiencing several deaths, I took the plunge and enrolled and subsequently graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Ottawa School of Art in 2012. I am now a full time artist and have never been happier. I also became part of the Ottawa New Horizons Band as a percussionist, and am happily (and sometimes comically) learning to play the drum kit in the Beginners Jazz Band.
Exhibition at Gigspace, Ottawa, February 6-March 5, 2014
Other works by Kate Oakley can be seen at Platform Gallery, 51-B Young Street, Opening, 5 pm, Friday, March 14, 2014.
For more details Contact Kate: 613.806.4410

January 2014 Featured Artist: Russ Paquette. Russ Paquette
All of us are on a journey. Local artist Russ Paquette’s journey began when he was born to a military family in Ottawa. He spent his early formative years in St John’s, Newfoundland. His grandmother’s house was on Franklyn Avenue at the top of the hill that leads down to the waterfront. From her back pantry he could see past the tall fenced small triangular shaped garden to the ocean that leads into the harbour.  The East Coast still has an undeniable draw. Each summer he and his wife travel to Nova Scotia, to rest and paint, to breathe in the ocean air, and to connect with the South Shore community. Russ’ artistic training prepared him for his full time career as a commercial artist which he did for many years; he then earned a religious degree and became an inner-city pastor.  In keeping with his dreams, Russ has now returned to his fine art roots and now focuses completely on his paintings. He is intrigued by nature, by the ocean especially, but also by people and the homes they create for themselves. He is inspired by the infinite treasures that are all living things. He sees beauty in what is often overlooked and common.  The paintings in this exhibit are about The Journey. Come and experience Russ’ paintings of his journey around the Ottawa area and along the East Coast. He also has included some paintings that are more symbolic, coming from a place inside the imagination, and are less representational. Locally, Russ has been involved in group and solo art shows, and is represented at ADJA Gallery in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.