ART Gallery 2015

Catina NobleDecember 2015 Featured Artist – Catina Noble. “Each of my art pieces involve collecting all the right colors, textures and items-kind of like putting together puzzle pieces to make a complete picture.” Catina is a long time Ottawa resident, originally from Kingston, Ontario. She is a mixed-media artist and likes t0 include a variety of items/mediums in her work. Lately vintage playing cards, stamps, recycled scrabble pieces, acrylic and mixed-media paper seem to capture her attention. Although relatively new on the art scene (just this past year), her work has been displayed at 25One Community, Cote Gallery, T.A.N. Coffee Shop and her art piece titled “Journey” was included in the Chinatown Remixed Festival just this past fall. Catina loves art, writing, photography and teaching. She divides her time between working part-time at a local community centre, her creative adventures and teaching mixed-media to children.

Mary Moore art blueNovember 2015 Featured Artist – Mary Moore. THE ART SHOW
“I love to draw, I love to paint, I love to sing & play jazz…why not combine them all in a show!”
•Artist and graphic designer for..well..a long time
•Not famous yet…darn it!
•Art instructor for many years at the college and recreational level
•Graphic design professor at Algonquin college for 5 years
•Have been a singer all my life, many styles from folk, choral, classical, chamber choir and, best of all, jazz
•Not famous yet…again….
About my work:
•Being an Illustrator (mostly digital nowadays) really informs my painting, as does many years of life drawing
•While I am not a stylist, my work generally conveys movement, rhythm, colour harmonies and, usually, a sense of joy
•The larger paintings in this series are completed on a sand-coated canvas, which gives a shimmering aspect to the work. They are all related to certain jazz tunes, and depict some real characters and some just made-up ones.
•I have been exploring abstraction lately, as seen in some of the pieces. I find non-representational art very challenging.
•Some of the pieces were conceived while preparing lessons for my students. They were really fun!
THE JAZZ SHOW – The culmination of this show at Gigspace Gallery is a jazz show in Gigspace. November 27, 2015. SPECIAL: YOUR TICKET PURCHASE IS FULLY REDEEMED IF YOU PURCHASE A PAINTING!

IMG_7239October 2015 Featured Artist – Cheryl Schramm: I live and work here in Ottawa, after a lifetime of moving around Canada and in Europe, leaving in me a love for our beautiful earth and for the richness of the diverse peoples and creatures that populate my paintings. For the most part, I paint portraits – of people, and of animals. Painting a portrait feels like sculpting : Pushing the limits of dark and light areas and playing with colour blended alternately blended softly or hardly, all contribute to uncovering and revealing the being hidden within. My landscapes tend to be macroscopic – a large format exploration of the colours within a corner of the lily pond or the stone beach, within the landscape. I hope that you enjoy my paintings.

01 LoversSeptember 2015 Featured Artist – Hamid Ayoub depicts the emotions of human spirit through colour and movement. Different mediums are used to render the entire spectrum of life experiences. As an artist, Hamid has expanded his creative repertoire to include the use of bright colours to enhance and communicate the joy and dynamism of the subjects illustrated in his paintings. Through the use of colours, Hamid strives to reflect the beauty and continuity of the human soul. This beauty continues to be utmost importance in this day and age.

Born in Sudan in 1967, and presently living in Ottawa , Hamid Ayoub is a Bachelor of Arts graduate from the College of Fine and Applied Arts, Sudan University of Sciences and Technology, with a specialization in Textile Design. For him art, is ever present because we are surrounded by shapes and colours which are the pulse of any artistic creation. Every-day sights and situations shape the work of the artist. Hamid Ayoub depicts the emotions of human spirit through colour and movement. Different mediums are used to render the entire spectrum of life experiences. Hamid’s work has been exhibited in many venues in Sudan, Niger, France, Holland, England, the United States and Canada.

l'art ottawa studioJuly & August 2015 – H’ART of Ottawa Studio.  H’Art of Ottawa is a unique and innovative art studio where self-expression and a sense of place are encouraged and celebrated for people with developmental disabilities. Through the common language of art and self-expression, the artists of H’Art contribute to the community and the cultural life of Ottawa.

Fivi Lu artJune 2015 Featured Artist – Fivi Lu. Fivi is a Chinese artist born in Jiangsu Province in 1987. She completed a bachelors degree in artistic design at the Nanjing Art Institute and immigrated to Canada in 2010. As she arrived on the other side of the earth, she started to have warmer feelings towards her own culture. Being a thousand miles from home gave her inspiration. She then started experimenting, perhaps half consciously, by mixing some traditional Chinese themes and styles with Western materials and techniques.  In this experimentation process, she progressively parted with conventional drawing techniques currently taught in China.  She also gradually started to enjoy this “neither Eastern not Western” style as it is the true expression of her feelings since she arrived here.

Richard Waterfall seascapeMay 2015 Featured Artist – Richard Waterfall. Richard is a longtime Ottawa-area resident who currently works in his art studio and workshop located in the village of Richmond. After a 30 year career in telecommunications and 9 years self-employed as a cabinetmaker, Richard now concentrates on his long time passions: painting and photography.  He has been very fortunate to travel in Europe, across the United States and Canada, as well as in the South Pacific. Having lived in British Columbia and in New Zealand for several years, it is not surprising that ocean vistas, harbour scenes and majestic mountains remain a constant source of inspiration. Richard has painted and studied art history since his teen years, employing oil media, pen & ink with most recent works created using acrylic paint. While essentially a landscape artist, Richard loves to tackle portraiture and welcomes commissions based on your favourite photos or subjects.
You can contact Richard through email at

Angel MatinFebruary/March 2015 Featured Artist – Angel Martin
New to Ottawa, previously a Kingston resident of 35 years, Angel is a passionate Artist, Photographer, and Singer. She holds a Business and Marketing Degree, with a major in Merchandising, having attended both the Sudbury, and Ottawa School of Art. She has over 24 years experience in a variety of mediums such as Abstract Conceptualist Acrylic and Oil, Life Drawing, Textile Art, Mixed Media, Jewelery Making, Craft Making, Clothing Design, Makeup Artistry, and Photography/Videoagraphy to name a few!
Angel has worked as a Commissioned Artist, a Fashion, Band, and Wedding Photographer, a Wedding and Music Videoagrapher, an Art Teacher, a Local Art Curator, an Art Therapy Teacher working with Disabled, a Youth Diversion Art Therapy Teacher, an Artist Agent, a Visual Merchandiser, a Theater and Fashion Makeup Artist, a Studio and Performance Singer, and has owned/operated her own Artisan Store and Gallery.
ARTIST STATEMENT: “All of the pieces are inspired by personal experiences and views…of thoughts, feelings, and desires…some of my own, and some of which I have observed in Society.  They are meant to tell a story to be determined by the observer, as {Art is in the eye of the beholder, meaning in the heart of the Artist, and together the story unfolds}.”  To see more of Angel’s work, visit

clarebearartJanuary 2015 Featured Artist – Clare Pearson  Originally from England I moved to Canada with my husband and two young children in 1998. I grew up in a big family with both parents enjoying many styles of art and a father keen on photography. Following a career in Physiotherapy for many years I loved the variety of clinical areas, teaching and research that I was able to work in. However, after a life changing event, I began to pursue my love and appreciation of art. It is proving a very different and exciting journey. My work with acrylic mediums continues to evolve as I experiment with different techniques, textures and styles to convey my love of light and colour. I enjoy the look and feel of many layers and heavily textured paintings. I am a largely self taught artist.
About the Exhibit
This exhibit is an exploration of Birch, both as a subject for the painting, and a surface to paint on. I am drawn to the patterns and textures on the birch trunk and have tried to create their variations using acrylic paint with a palette knife.
Encaustic is an ancient technique dating back over 2000 years where heat is used to melt wax into a liquid state. The word comes from the Greek Enkaiein meaning ‘to burn in’ referring to the process of fusing the paint. The encaustic painting technique in my work is using heated beeswax, pigment is then mixed in and applied to the surface. Each abstract is on a birch panel and has many layers each fused using heat.