ART Gallery 2016

ART Gallery 2016

December 2016 Featured Artist – Richard Waterfall is a longtime Ottawa-area resident who currently works in his art studio and workshop located in the village of Richmond. After a 30 year career in telecommunications and 9 years self-employed as a cabinetmaker, Richard now concentrates on his long time passions: painting and photography. He has been very fortunate to travel in Europe, across the United States and Canada, as well as in the South Pacific. Having lived in British Columbia and in New Zealand for several years, it is not surprising that ocean vistas, harbour scenes and majestic mountains remain a constant source of inspiration. Richard has painted and studied art history since his teen years, employing oil media, pen & ink with most recent works created using acrylic paint. While essentially a landscape artist, Richard loves to tackle portraiture and welcomes commissions based on your favourite photos or subjects.

cid_de54a3b3-e53e-46a8-906b-c905e2321a1dNovember 2016 Featured Artist – Karen Louise Saer  is an Ottawa artist who has been painting in oil for 14 years. Coming from a strong traditional art background with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boston University, her work centers on still life and landscape. She is striving for luminosity in her paintings to best use that medium’s characteristic.  Her drawings reflect her traditional training with an emphasis on large and simple compositions. She is striving to say more with fewer strokes on the paper without losing details and interest.  Previous experience in the art world includes teaching art in public schools in Massachusetts and Florida and making, selling and teaching pottery in studios in Florida and Japan. Her paintings have been exhibited and sold throughout North America and are in many private collections.

img_4339October 2016 Featured Artist – Hamid Ayoub depicts the emotions of human spirit through colour and movement. Different mediums are used to render the entire spectrum of life experiences. As an artist, Hamid has expanded his creative repertoire to include the use of bright colours to enhance and communicate the joy and dynamism of the subjects illustrated in his paintings. Through the use of colours, Hamid strives to reflect the beauty and continuity of the human soul. This beauty continues to be utmost importance in this day and age.  Born in Sudan in 1967, and presently living in Ottawa , Hamid Ayoub is a Bachelor of Arts graduate from the College of Fine and Applied Arts, Sudan University of Sciences and Technology, with a specialization in Textile Design. For him art, is ever present because we are surrounded by shapes and colours which are the pulse of any artistic creation. Every-day sights and situations shape the work of the artist. Hamid Ayoub depicts the emotions of human spirit through colour and movement. Different mediums are used to render the entire spectrum of life experiences. Hamid’s work has been exhibited in many venues in Sudan, Niger, France, Holland, England, the United States and Canada.

Nadine CheneySeptember 2016 Featured Artist: Nadine Cheney. I was born near Montreal and grew up in rural Nova Scotia. At the age of nineteen, I left the maritimes in order to enter the workforce in Ottawa and, over thirty years later, I finally found the opportunity to pursue my passion for art. The creative muse within is never content with a single idea or method – which means I tend to be a bit eclectic (erratic?) in my subject matter and choice of medium. My paintings aren’t planned; they emerge on their own with the help of some ideas and intuition along the way. I usually start a painting just by making some marks to get rid of that stark white canvas… then, as subsequent layers are added, shapes emerge and are built upon, until my gut says it’s time to stop. Sometimes I’ll add a raven (Gatekeeper piece) because, sometimes, you just need a raven. My hope is that you will look at my work and see the potential, both for the ideas presented as well as for future pieces.

colourful-parliament-heather-lovat-fraserAugust 2016 Featured Artist:Heather Lovat-Fraser
Born and raised in Ottawa, I have had a life-long love of art. My mentor, a professional artist and Mother of a dear friend, coached and encouraged me for many years to explore various forms of art media. I have experimented with pottery and sculpture but always return to my first love – painting.
I found my true calling painting acrylic abstracts. The layering and glazing techniques have inspired and taken me to a whole new and exciting direction. I adore the bright, saturated colours that allow me to create strong, bold and dramatic works.  When you look at my paintings, I hope you feel the same joy I experienced when creating them.
Winner of People’s Choice Award for Art in the Barn 2015
Honourable Mention in juried show of Art in the Barn 2015
Paintings selected for the Focus Art Group Calendar for 2016

Bio - HAJuly 2016 Featured Artist: Hamza Abdulbasit My artwork features bold and vibrant palettes to create lively pops of colour. My approach to art is that it should be something I – and hopefully others – find interesting and pleasing to look at.  Having spent a good portion of my life in South Asia and the Middle East, my colour palette is inspired by rugs, spice bazaars and souks. At the same time, the contemporary and abstract nature of my work has its roots in Canada.  In addition to working with traditional mediums, I am interested in exploring new ways of making abstract art. This series reflects my efforts to use modern technology to make abstract art. All the pieces in this series are hand drawn on an iPad using customized colours and techniques. Each piece is named after a city which inspired the colours and shapes for it.

ommaJune 2016 Featured Artists:  The Ottawa Mixed Media Artists (OMMA) is pleased to present our juried art show “Universal Rhythm”. It is inspired by the Maya Angelo quote “Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.”  OMMA is a group of visual artists working in an experimental and expressive manner, freely incorporating a variety of art media into their work, using traditional and innovative materials and methods. It’s not unusual to find watercolour, acrylic, collage, ink, pastel, charcoal and more, in a single piece. Our work tends to be non-representational and abstract, though not always. Our motto is: “Artists with attitude”.

Sarah LaplanteMay 2016 Featured Artist Sarah Laplante – My love for artistic creation started years ago working in the edible creation of cakes. In the last couple of years I have put down the cake spatula and refocused myself in the world of canvas and acrylics, picking up many different tools using an array of bold colors and textures to create my pieces.  I have always been fascinated with the idea of abstract and the ability to use many different components, colors and textures to capture creativity in one setting. While pursuing this new direction, I have been striving to learn techniques to enhance my creative nature with the discovery of texture being one of my very favorite things. Looking at a piece and almost being able to reach out and feel what is going on in the many movements of the paint is fascinating and always leaves me with a sense of amazement and wonder. Inspired very much by color, music and movement, I use all these components while allowing my subconscious to guide my process in creating my work. When putting paint to canvas, I hope to engage viewers into a realm of many possibilities and invite their creative perception to explore my work with an open mind and vivid imagination. I invite you to visit my website:

white-dressApril 2016 Featured Artist Katie Chau – Katie was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada with her parents in 1973. She started drawing and painting at a young age, following her father who is a painter and art teacher for many years. Trained as an artist and architect, she has been working full time as architect since graduating from U Waterloo, but kept up her passion for art in her spare time. Recipient of a scholarship to study with resident artists at Art Gallery of Ontario and studying all aspects of visual arts in her formative years, she is particularly interested in depicting the human figure. She took many art courses and workshops at the Ottawa School of Art and Haliburton School of the Arts, as well as learning from teachers such as Brian Smith and Pamela Lasserre.  She is now focusing on the theme of dancers and musicians, in particular in Argentine Tango, since she is also passionate about dancing, being a dancer for more than 10 years. This series called “Art of Tango” is a collection of paintings and drawings expressing her love for this particularly intense, expressive and emotional form of social dancing.

Ellen Astle

March 2016 Featured Artist – Ellen Astle
I was born some years ago and I grew up in my father’s stone castle sheltered and surrounded by forest just outside of Alexandria, Ontario. As a kid, I used to ride my bike up and down the gravel driveway on rainy days collecting worms in an old ice cream container. Another hobby of mine was watching the red ants on the ant hill just in front of the house. I was so fascinated with their tiny little holes they would disappear into, how they worked, and what they could do. It was a show stopper when a group of ants was working to get the hugest caterpillar to the hill and down a tunnel, even better if it was still alive. So, I guess my infatuation with the power of nature stems from my childhood encounters with ants, or at least fosters it. The sublime power and beauty of nature is my ultimate muse and my future painting goal is large scale historical landscape. Always having a passion for art, I studied art history at Carleton University in Ottawa, with a minor in geography. Great art, classes, professors, and family inspired me to focus on creating art. In 2013, I started my first ongoing series of oil and acrylic paintings featuring a beautiful little town called Metis Beach, Quebec – a popular summer vacation place on the coast of the St. Lawrence. In the meantime I have started several other painting series – find out more about them on my website: I still watch the ant assembly lines that march along the balcony railing up into the eave, undoubtedly wreaking havoc in the soffit.

Kerry StothersFebruary 2016 Featured Artist – Kerry Stothers.
I live in a cottage on a little lake near the lovely village of Lac Des Loups, Quebec. Here, with the lake on one side and the forest on the other, and with my partner Dave and my dog Mika, I enjoy the beauty of nature and paint as often as I can.
I began learning to paint when I was twelve under the tutelage of Norman Brown at Jon Williams studios in Calgary. During that time I studied the works of master portrait painters such as Vermeer and Rembrandt. Later, I went on to take a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Calgary.
In my early twenties, I moved to Ottawa where I expanded my artistic horizons to include doing public art, painting murals for commercial and residential clients and working with museum display companies. My museum work consists primarily of paintings, sculpted objects and faux environments and can be seen in museums across North America, including the Smithsonian Museum, the Museum of Civilization, the Signal Hill visitor’s center Newfoundland and the Founders’ Hall Charlottetown, P.E.I. Recently I had the opportunity to work in a foundry in China sculpting life sized figures to be cast in bronze for a monument to the Merchant Marines. It will soon be installed in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Although I enjoy the variety of work and the new skills I’ve developed working in the museum industry my passion remains in painting and portraiture.
As well as painting portraits I also teach drawing and painting with the city of Ottawa. I very much enjoy teaching and I hope I can offer to others something of what I’ve received from my mentors through the years.

P S Greene cityscapeJanuary 2016 Featured Artist – Patrick S. Greene –  Painting the Streets of Ottawa. Although I have had other solo exhibits in the past, this one seems to be the most difficult. Due to the fact that is such a large body of work to choose from. The reason for such a large body of work is to hopefully show the city of Ottawa through my eyes and evoke to the viewer a sense of belonging to an ever growing city and also to show some of the history it has to offer. To see and be apart of your subject matter in all sorts of weather conditions and tackling what ever mother nature has to throw at you, is so exciting! Let the work speak for itself. Patrick S. Greene, a well known artist within the Ottawa art community, was born in Ottawa in 1962. He abandoned his studio and paints on location in various weather conditions giving him the freedom from the traditional walls of a studio, which is a rarity.