ART Gallery 2017

December 2017 – Featured Artist – Joaquin Valenzuela. Joaquin only began to indulge his passion later in life. Studying with Tatiana Vartanova, he has produced a number of works in a variety of styles and medium. He paints mostly in oils and is drawn to natural scenes of forests and water. “ For me, painting is a frustration and magnificently rewarding at the same time. I struggle to find the right color, to show the right light and the right shadow all the while truly enjoying the peace and harmony I feel when the brush is in my hand”.



October 12 – November 30, 2017 – Featured Artist Stacey Moser –  Having moved around Canada my whole life, I had a lot of time on my own to explore each new place. Sometimes I would take a guided tour, but mostly, I enjoyed the solitude – to really see what others may not take the time to. My paintings take me to a different universe, and depending on my mood, one I can easily get lost in. It maybe the way the paints swirl and appear to be a far-away galaxy; or how the lines draw your eyes in to distract; or perhaps the way the glossy finish calls to mind a calm pool. My favourite quote is from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  Art in Life Photography   Etsy:Imagings by Stacey

September to October 11. 2017 Featured Artist – Carole Comeau Simca ” A Walk in my Neighbourhood” My best tool as an artist are my eyes! I take so many  snapshots in my head that it has to go somewhere , so eventually it ends up on a canvas with the help of my tubes of  paint and brushes. The beautiful little houses of Little Italy, the restaurants and corner stores, Dow’s Lake and its gardens, the Arboretum and the experimental farm are all within walking distance from where I live. This colourful mix of nature and cityscape is an endless source of inspiration for me. While I walk , I observe the people going to work, walking with their children, exercising their dogs and depending of the season, practising their favourite sports. I cannot find better subjects to incorporate in my painting compositions and in a way create a story. I have been painting for many years as a recreational activity and as I have more time to dedicate to my art at the present time I love having a challenge  and push myself technically with new ideas. So I invite you in my neighbourhood  and the beautiful parks of Ottawa.

image 2July & August 2017 Featured Artist – Bridgid McMahon Self taught, I started painting as a means of self expression. The anticipation of accomplishment and value as an artist propels me to explore new mediums such as fabric and mirrored glass to incorporate into my paintings. Music is my muse. The vibrancy of my work dances upon the canvas. Blocks of colour, shapes and broken lines weave together to amuse the eyes; the work is more about sensation than any particular meaning. With each new piece, I incorporate new materials and textures to increase the depth of my work. Passionately connected to each twist and stroke of my palette knife or brush, my stories come to life. “to be abstracted from or extracted from the mind….When I start to paint, I’m going toward an idea, not coming from it. I have no idea how I start, no pre-conceived notions.” – Jean Paul Riopelle

Khadreena art for bioBack for June by popular demand!
May & June 2017 Featured Artist – Khadreena Art & Photography. Khadreena is an artist and photographer based in Ottawa, Canada. Khadreena’s passion for art and photography stem from her love for nature and architecture. Khadreena believes that art is a form of self-expression through which one unleashes their creativity. Inspired by the beauty of nature, “man-made” landscapes and architecture, Khadreena creates unique works of art that not only evoke awe and wonder but encourage,inspire, and motivate the viewers to pursue their dream. Khadreena’s work has been featured on Instagram by Ottawa_2017, Pocket_Canada, Loves_Canada, Loves_world, Gatineaupark among others.  Please visit and on instagram queen_khadreena 

D Dyet picturesApril 2017 Featured Artist – Doreen Dyet.  I was born in Ottawa and have lived here all my life. My interest in art began in high school. Many years later I remembered how much I had once loved art and began taking evening classes in oil painting at a local high school. It was then that I re-discovered my love for art and experienced once again the joy and pleasure of losing myself in the process of artistic expression.   Since then, I have taken several art classes and have been painting every spare minute I get. I paint mostly from my own photographs and other reference materials that leave me feeling compelled to capture, in my own colorfully vibrant way, the beauty that I see there. I love to paint nature but painting is in my nature. I hope that my work inspires that same love of nature in others.  I am a member of Arteast, Arts Ottawa East and the Ottawa Art Association. I have been juried into several shows and have participated in various exhibitions in the Ottawa region. My work can be seen in Ottawa Art Association exhibits at the Ottawa Little Theatre and Ottawa area libraries. I will be exhibiting my work in a solo show at the GigSpace Art Gallery from March 31st to April 27th. My work can also be seen in my home studio by appointment. I have created several commissioned works and many of my paintings are in private collections. Some of my works have also won awards.More information is available on my website .

Black Schlanger GigSpaceMarch 2017 Featured Artist – Jeff Schlanger.  
Sonoluminescence invites the developing colors and rhythms of musicWitness® visual response inside the close physical circle of their sonic creativity. Since our tour together a year ago documented here, the Trio members continue to offer encouragement to graphic manifestations of sound vibrations as well as to everyone’s deepening practice of creative sound exploration. GigSpace is an ideal host to present an artist’s visual testimony of living music.  It is a thrill to be invited to share this continuing inspiration.

Jeff Schlanger is a New York City native, a graduate of Music & Art High School and a ceramic art student of Maija Grotell at Cranbrook. Throughout his long and varied career, he has created public art projects on three interrelated subjects: Peace, War, and Music. He frequently collaborates with musicians in live painting performances: a process that he refers to as musicWitness®.

musicWitness® paintings and sculptures have been part of all 20 annual Vision Festivals held each spring in New York City, resulting in a Lifetime Recognition award from the Vision Festival in 2014. In addition, musicWitness® exhibitions have been held at the Academy of the Arts Berlin, Hunterdon New Jersey Art Museum, Webster University-St. Louis, and at El Bohio, the Improvisors Collective, the Learning Alliance, Abrons Arts Center and the Orensanz Art Center on New York’s Lower East Side. A 40 x 30-foot outdoor mural of Bob Stewart’s Tuba solo Steal Away was installed opposite the public Library in New Rochelle, NY 2008-2014.

A comprehensive musicWitness® painting and sculpture installation was presented in New York at the CUE Art Foundation in 2005. In addition, musicWitness® was a performance painter at InterPlay!Berlin 2006, at the Tampere, Finland Jazz Happening 2000—2003, 2006 & 2012, at Sons d’hiver in Paris 2004, AIMToronto in 2007 and 2010 and at the Guelph Jazz Festival in 2013.

Jeff’s artistry has been featured on the front covers of recordings by many leading musicians in the fields of jazz and creative improvised music, including: World Saxophone Quartet, Billy Bang Sextet, Muhal Richard Abrams & Roscoe Mitchell, Charles Gayle, William Parker, Julius Hemphill, Sonoluminescence Trio, and many others.

Jeff Schlanger lives and creates in New Rochelle, New York.

sunriseFebruary 2017 Featured Artist – Barbara Davis. I am a self-taught visual artist born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. I have been painting for about 20 years and I enjoy experimenting with different forms of media, colour and texture. I have shown my work in various cafes and venues in Ottawa. I have been a part of Chinatown Remixed, The Lumiere Festival and the Allsaints Sunday Market. I have also donated some of my work to various charitable organizations. More recently, the Trees of Hope Fundraiser in support of the CHEO Foundation.

monica-ferguson-2017January 2017 Featured Artist – Monica Ferguson
I paint in acrylics and in each composition I try to disorient the viewer just a little, or to beg a question. I do this by using detail, accentuating light and dark, moving the focus to the edge of the canvas or by hinting at what’s not in the picture. I largely work on themes dictated by art class, such as landscapes, architecture or flowers but sometimes I will try something different such as people or animals. I’m excited to try painting food! Regardless of the subject, I always hope to leave the viewer with a touch of mystery or to hint at what’s not seen. I hope you enjoy my paintings!