ART Gallery 2018

GigSpace ART Gallery – We are so pleased to offer our space to local artists on a 4 week rotation to showcase their art!  If you are interested in being a featured artist please contact our curator Monica Ferguson at

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Gallery Hours:
Sept – June: Open Monday thru Thursday 3 pm to 9 pm, Closed Friday, open some Saturday’s please call first 613-729-0693, closed Sunday.  Open during all GigSpace Concerts and Events. Closed on Statutory holidays, March break & Winter Break following to the Ottawa Carlton School board calendar.
July-August: Open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 3 pm to 9 pm. Closed Monday, Friday and Sunday.  Summer 2018 closed July 27 to Aug 12. Open during all GigSpace Concerts and Events.

April 2018 – Featured Artist – Deirdre Kerr-Perrott – Smile Out Loud
Deirdre enjoys capturing bright colours, light and shadows when painting favourite places and subjects. She particularly takes pleasure in painting flowers. Moving from the whites and blues of winter to the glorious colours of spring makes her smile. Deirdre paints in acrylics.

March 2018 – Featured Artist – “Mashup”, Sylvia Williams and Evan Halasz have come together to present an inspired art mashup. Both artists use their passion for art to ignite their creative senses for all aspects of life. This art mash-up, based on a shared colour palate, juxtaposes impressionism and abstract views of the world.
Taking inspiration from Canadian life, Sylvia Williams often begins her detailed work with quick acrylic sketches to capture of a moment. Many of her paintings have been developed from “alla prima” sketches done at familiar vantage points Ottawa. She finds it thrilling to explore ordinary experiences in each new series of paintings.
In his latest series of over-sized canvases Evan Halasz, Canadian Designer and Artist, explores remembered landscapes and emotions in abstract. Bold images emerge over a period of weeks as paint is layered and then glazed. The final painting is always a delightful surprise.

February 2018 – Featured Artist – Sabine Modder – Into the Woods: Escape into Landscape. There are times we all need to get away, if only in our imagination. We seek quiet. Space to breathe. Time to reflect. The cold air is cleansing. The woods reach out, protective. Embracing. Bracing. Minds racing are stilled. Where do you go? Escape into Landscape is a series of paintings by Ottawa artist Sabine Modder. This series is comprised of thee collections of recent work: Denholm Days, Straddlescapes, and Into the Woods. For more information or to purchase a painting, please contact the artist:,   Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

January 2018 – Featured Artist – Helen Wright: Capturing the Movement of Life through Art – I was born in a small village in England and moved to Canada twenty years ago. After school I went to collage and studied Art and Design. I now live in an amazing city called Ottawa! My love of glass lead my to resin which I call liquid Glass…I see paintings everywhere…especially in nature. I mix glass with paint to create stunning pieces that are mesmerising! It’s like hanging glass on your wall which looks so elegant.