Artie Roth Quartet

Artie Roth Quartet

Friday, October 23, 2015
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Often aggressive, melodic and groovy, and at other times sublime and spacious, The Artie Roth Quartet is a Toronto based Jazz group formed in 2012 riding on the momentum of it’s debut 2013 release “Currently Experiencing” and is now touring to support it’s second full length recording “Discern”.

Led by Bassist/Composer Artie Roth with Geoff Young (guitar and effects), Mike Filice (Saxophone) and Anthony Michelli (drums) the group seamlessly blends Rock, Funk, and Avant- Garde harmonic and melodic languages with Jazz forms and the Jazz “swing” rhythmic feeling. Dangerous and modern, this is jazz infused with catchy melodic hooks and Bass lines.

 title track of album “Currently Experiencing”   
The group is heavily influenced by the Jazz performance aesthetic of Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Dave Holland, John Coltrane, and John Scofield. The compositional style of the leader reflects the above stated jazz artists but owes much to 90’s-2000’s alternative groups Radiohead, U2, Pearl Jam, P.J. Harvey as well as Blues and folk influences including Son House, Robert Johnson, Bob Dylan and Nick Drake.


Artie Roth, on bandleading, eclectic influences and fearlessness. “Roth brings his quartet, which includes guitarist Geoff Young, saxophonist Mike Filice and drummer Anthony Michelli, to GigSpace (953 Gladstone Ave.) this Friday at 7:30 p.m. In fact, the band is spending the next week on the road, giving clinics and concerts in Kingston, Montreal and the Maritimes before returning home. Get to know Roth and his music better via the Q&A below.” October 2015, Peter Hum Jazz Blog

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