Café Paradiso Revisited with Tim & Elise

cafe paradiso


This concert and  piano tuning is generously sponsored by Hélène Vigeant, Kim Farrall and Jim Nuyens.

Saturday October 1, 2016
$20 – 7:30 PM (doors open at 7:00)

   Credit card payment is $21 and includes $1 credit card fee. Your receipt is your ticket plus we will have a record of your purchase at the front desk. If this option does not work for you please call :613-729-0693

Tim Bedner & Elise Letourneau revisit their Thursday nights at Cafe Paradiso on Saturday Five years later, fans still remember Thursday jazz nights at Café Paradiso – and are paying to hear that music again this weekend. Three jazz listeners are sponsoring a concert on Saturday at GigSpace, where guitarist Tim Bedner and vocalist/pianist/flute player Elise Letourneau will recreate the music they used to play at that former Ottawa jazz venue. Alayne McGregor Sept 2016

Through the generous sponsorship by three Thursday night Café Paradiso regulars, Tim and Elise will revisit the sound and repertoire that was part of the Café Paradiso experience.

Elise Letourneau and Tim Bedner moved to Ottawa in July 2006 and attended an open mic at Café Paradiso shortly after they moved to town. Through a series of events and luck, Tim and Elise found themselves as the Café Paradiso house-band, playing music every Thursday evening for over four and a half years.

Since Café Paradiso closed in 2012, Tim and Elise have been working with other musicians and rarely get a chance to play together, especially with a piano for Elise.  Come and join guitarist Tim Bedner and pianist-vocalist Elise Letourneau for and evening of music selected from their repertoire during their residency at one of Ottawa’s most beloved jazz clubs.