Cali Briana & Riley James New

Saturday, April 25, 2015
Tickets $15  tickets are available for this concert by emailing Cali:

Enjoy a great set of music by each artist!

cali picCali Briana

Cali Briana is a singer-songwriter originally from Renfrew, Ontario and describes her music as a “folksy version of pop country, with a hint of the blues.” In July 2012, Cali made the Top 12 in Ottawa’s Great Canadian Showcase, which led her to meet with Eric Eggleston, producer and owner of Johnny Hall Productions. The two began working on her first EP which was released in December 2012.
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Riley New 2Riley James New

According to Riley’s Twitter bio, he is a “singer/songwriter/connoisseur of thought triggery.” Riley is also from Renfrew, Ontario and currently the lead vocalist in the Riley New Band.

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