Celebrate Ottawa Jazz MicroFest

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GigSpace celebrates Ottawa’s stellar jazz community with a three day MicroFest.  Enjoy a quiet, intimate venue with great acoustics & seating for forty-five.
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Performers: Karen Oxorn Garry Elliott Chocolate Hot Pockets Ed Lister Alex Moxon J.P. Lapensée Jamie Holmes Modasaurus James McGowan Adam Saikely Michel Delage Alex Bilodeau Brian Browne Steve Berndt The Juliet Singers
Elise Letourneau  Rachel Beausoleil Lindsey Sikora Joan Harrison JP Allain
Vince Rimbach Roddy Ellias John Geggie Doreen Smith Tim Bedner Mark Alcorn
Rob Frayne Martine Courage  Laura Nerenberg The Crooked Jazz Trio Steve Boudreau Dave Schroeder Jeff Asselin  Together Ensemble Megan Jerome Fred Guignon
Don Cummings Mike Essoudry Mark Ferguson Norm Glaude Caroline Gibson
Marcie Campbell

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“It’s a community-building effort. It’s raising the profile of the musicians in Ottawa. It’s showing that we do have stellar musicians in our midst, playing at a very high level.” Read more about how this came together OttawaJazzScene.ca

Friday April 28th, Tickets & Details – click here
Karen Oxorn Trio . Garry Elliott & Rachel Beausoleil Quartet . Chocolate Hot Pockets . Modasaurus
Updates for Friday:
– the originally announced duo,  Peter Hum & Garry Elliott,  has changed to Garry Elliott & Rachel Beausoleil Quartet.
– Modasaurus has moved to 9:00 PM and Chocolate Hot Pockets are now at 10:00 PM.

Saturday April 29th, Tickets & Details – click here
Adam Saikaley Trio . Brian Browne & Steve Berndt . The Juliet Singers . JP Allain & Vince Rimbach . Roddy Ellias & John Geggie

Sunday April 30th, Tickets & Details – click here
Doreen Smith & Tim Bedner . Rob Frayne Trio . Crooked Jazz Trio . Together Ensemble . Mark Ferguson & Norm Glaude . Caroline Gibson & Marcie Campbell Quartet

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