Donate a Piano Tuning

Donate a Piano Tuning

Thank you to these donors for their generous donation of a Piano Tuning!

May 2017: Geri Childs Quartet – Donor Evelyn Voigt
April 2017: Tevet Sela & John Roney – Donor Julie McBrien 
February 2017: Gerri Trimble Trio – Donor Jim Owens
January 2017:  – Brian Browne & Elise Letourneau- Donor Lindsay MacLeod
January 2017: Garry Elliott Quartet – Donor Margaret Levalliant
December 2016: Geri Childs Duo – Donor Barry Cottam
December 2016: Peter Hum – Donor Barbara and Peter Feldman
November 2016: Steve Berndt  – Donor John and Linda Wilson
October 2016: Steve Boudreau & Aubrey Johnson – Donor Margaret Laing
October 2016: Brian Browne Solo, Saturday – Donor Al Whatmough
October 2016: Brian Browne Solo, Friday – Donor Gabriel Warren
October 2016: Tim Bedner & Elise Letourneau – Donors Hélène Vigeant, Kim Farrall and Jim Nuyens.
September 2016: The Juliet Singers! – Donor: Private Donation
September 2016: Mark Ferguson Trio – Donor: Marcia Rodriguez
August 2016: Steve Boudreau Trio – Donor: Ginny Simonds
July 2016: Verisimo Ensemble – Donor: Jerry Sociedade
June 2016: Steve Boudreau Trio – Donor: Catherine Morrison
May 2016: Modasaurus – Donor: James McGowan
May 2016: Betty Ann Bryanton – Donor: Caroline Cook
May 2016: The Juliet Singers – Donor: Al Whatmough
April 2016: Mark Nelson’s Sympathetic Frequencies – Donor: Ron Sweetman
April 2016: Garry Elliott Quartet – Donor: Nathalie Custeau & Francois Dumaine
April 2016: Micah Barnes – Donor: Karen Oxorn
April 2016: Geri Childs & Mark Fergusoon – Donor: Evelyn Voigt
March 2016: James McGowan & Jesse Stewart – Donor: Evelyn Voigt
February 2016: René Lavoie “Tribute to Cannonball Adderley” – Donor: Lois Moody
February 2016: The Ottawa Jazz Collective – Donor: Lois Moody
February 2016: The Julette Singers – Donor: Pauline & Paul
January 2016: Steve Boudreau Trio – Donor: Gabriel Warren
January 2016: Bill McBirnie Trio –  Donor: Hélène Vigeant
December 2015: Jazzin’ the Holidays Fundraiser – Donor: Al Whatmough

Our beautiful Yamaha Grand piano is professionally tuned  is professionally tuned prior to every concert featuring a pianist, to ensure the highest quality of sound. This can range between one and four times per month.

Each piano tuning costs GigSpace $134.  Your donations will help us maintain our high standard of excellence while presenting world class performances in Ottawa.

To acknowledge your generous support, we’ll announce your name and a heartfelt thank you during the performance. We also list your name on this webpage and you will receive an official tax receipt from GigSpace.

GigSpace receives the full donation amount when you donate directly to GigSpace:
953 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 3E5.

You can also donate online through Canada Helps (link at top right on side bar).