Ellias’s Children

Lucas Hanneman

Ellias’s Children (guitar duo)
Saturday, September 13, 2014
7:30 PM – $20

Ellias’s Children is an innovative guitar duo featuring Ottawa’s Lucas Haneman and Montreal’s Marco Vezina.

The project is geared towards performing popular songs from the R&B, Indy, Funk, Classic Rock and Club genres with a creative and rare degree of musical connectivity. With a strong Jazz mentality, and a highly improvisatory approach, lovers of improvised music are most definitely not left in the dark either.

It is widely regarded by fans of the duo that a listener always walks away from an Ellias’s Children concert having laughed and smiled a great deal throughout the evening!

Haneman and Vezina utilize knowledge, techniques, and a particular musical sensibility they honed well studying with Ottawa’s “Jazz Hero” Roddy Ellias to perform well thought out and lush instrumental arrangements of songs that often include many tracks of music.

In essence each guitarist is responsible for blending at least two guitar parts, bass parts, a keyboard part, horn parts, vocal parts and even percussion parts at any point. Through detailed listening and group learning sessions, the duo always promises a show that includes serious arrangements that stretch the boundaries of what any guitarist usually does with their instrument, as well as a couple unexpected amusing song choices!

Together Lucas Haneman and Marco Vezina have learned and reworked over 250 songs and have performed at many venues and festivals including a 7 year and counting weekly Sunday night gig at O’Noir Restaurant in Montreal, the National Arts Centre’s 4th stage, The Ottawa Jazz Festival, and much more!

“It’s a great feeling to hear guitars I have made played so well. I was at an “Ellias’s Children” concert and it was a truly special experience. Thanks Lucas and Marco” – Premier Ottawa luthier Pat Hawley