Garry Elliott Quartet

Garry Elliott April 2 2016


Saturday, April 9, 2016
7:30 PM – $20

The concert will feature many original tunes comprising  scintillating grooves, wistful moods and playful interaction!

Ottawa musicians Steve Boudreau on piano and guitarist Garry Elliott have enjoyed collaborating on their original music for many years.  They recorded a CD of their tunes called Pre-Dawn Skies and continue to work on new ones regularly. They are extremely excited to join forces with two of Montreal’s finest jazz musicians, bassist Adrian Vedady and drummer Camil Belisle.  Adrian has worked with Mark Copland, Roddy Ellias,  Mike Rud and many others.  Camil has enjoyed the drum chair with the award winning Lorraine Desmarais trio for 30 years.

“Garry Elliott and Steve Boudreau add new voices and viewpoints to their music”. They’re also expanding the sound with Vedady and Belisle. “I think it’s really neat for Steve and I to share our music with people from elsewhere, too, and to play it and see what their take is on it.” April 2016 Alayne MacGregor

Garry Elliott and Steve Boudreau, on expanding their duo to a quartet. Over the last few years, guitarist Garry Elliott and pianist Steve Boudreau, both Ottawans, have built up a fine duo relationship and body of original music documented in their disc Pre Dawn Skies. They take their music to another level this Saturday when they play GigSpace with Montrealers Adrian Vedady on bass and drummer Camil Belisle. April 2016  Peter Hum Jazz Blog