Justin Haynes & Felicity Williams


October 8, 2016
7:30 PM – $20
(doors open at 7:00)

   Credit card payment is $21 and includes $1 credit card fee. Your receipt is your ticket plus we will have a record of your purchase at the front desk. If this option does not work for you please call GigSpace/Alcorn Music Studios :613-729-0693

Biodad is the Toronto-based duo of vocalist Felicity Williams and guitarist/keyboardist Justin Haynes.

Biodad is not a singer plus accompanist, but two musicians in dialogue; two musicians engaged more than anything, in listening.

Felicity’s approach to singing can be understated, elastic and ethereal; whilst her improvising is as inventive and resourceful as that of any instrumentalist. Her lyrics are derived from poetry – both her own and others. Justin’s idiosyncratic approach to sound, harmony and form and bent for the abstract, is applied to cheap electronic keyboards, piano, and a variety of acoustic and electric guitars.

Their approach to Felicity’s spacious compositions, re-imagined pop songs, jazz standards and free improvisation is highly intuitive, mutable, abstract, open and spontaneous. There are no fixed arrangements per se so that every performance can differ greatly from the next whilst always being generous to the listener.