Lara Solnicki and Roddy Ellias

Lara and Roddy

Saturday Oct. 25, 2014
7:30 PM – $20

Lara Solnicki chose jazz, but added a classical twist.
“When Lara Solnicki abandoned opera and chose jazz, she went all out – and succeeded.” October 2014 Read full article

Lara Solnicki, vocals and Roddy Ellias, guitar
The voice and guitar duo is an intimate and enchanting art, and acclaimed musicians Lara Solnicki and Roddy Ellias are no strangers to the configuration! This GigSpace performance marks Lara’s debut in Ottawa, and the artists first performance together.

Lara Solnicki – Contemporary Jazz Vocalist ? Poet ? Composer
Lara Solnicki is a Contemporary Jazz Vocalist, Poet, Composer and Educator. Honoured as “assuredly one of the finest jazz singers to emerge on the Canadian scene recently”, Lara has been praised for “the purity of her voice, her understanding of the most subtle nuances in lyrics and melody, and the freshness, intelligence and wit she invests in every interpretation”(-Stanley Péan, Host, Quand le jazz est là, Espace Musique), for “her ample and voluptuous timbre”, Frédéric Cardin, Producer, Radio Canada) and “her stylish and sensual interpretations of The Great American Songbook ” (-Mark Rheaume, CBC).

A classically trained singer with a four octave range, Lara originally intended a career in opera. She received a BA from The Glenn Gould School/ Royal Conservatory of Music where she was the recipient of numerous scholarships, studying voice and piano in the Performance Diploma and Artist Diploma programs. Since 2008, she has immersed herself in jazz and creative music.

Her critically acclaimed debut CD, “A Meadow in December” (2010), called
“an unusually compelling debut” (-Stuart Broomer, The WholeNote), continues to receive generous airplay on radio stations across Canada including the CBC, Jazz FM.91 and Radio Canada. Her much anticipated sophomore CD, “Whose Shadow?” was launched March 30 at Toronto’s premium jazz club, Jazz Bistro.

An eclectic contemporary jazz project, it is produced by multi-instrumentalist and producer George Koller (Holly Cole, Laila Biali, Bruce Cockburn), and features Lara’s compositions, jazz arrangements of Ravel, Purcell, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, traditional jazz… and more.
A published poet born into a family of professional writers, Lara launched her first book of poems and experimental prose in fall 2006, “Disassembled Stars” (Lyrical Myrical Press). Her poetry has since appeared in international and national anthologies and magazines. She is fluent in French.