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Modasaurus’ collective creation multiplies the meanings in its music “Our goal is to explore and not be limited to a style or rooted in a style, but expand out and just totally challenge ourselves to find the fusion in things that don’t necessarily typically find themselves getting fused,” McGowan told OttawaJazzScene.ca this week. They’ll demonstrate how that can be done in their show at the GigSpace Jazz MicroFest on Friday, April 28. April 2017 Alayne MacGregor OttawaJazzScene.ca

There’s nothing else like it in Ottawa, and if you love jazz, this is the place you will have to be next weekend. GigSpace is hosting a three-day Jazz MircoFest featuring Ottawa-based jazz musicians on April 28-30, celebrating and showcasing some of our city’s best local talent.” April 2017 BytownSound

April 30 is International Jazz Day, and this year GigSpace Performance Studio decided to mark the occasion by showing the strength of Ottawa’s jazz scene. From April 28 to 30, GigSpace is running a Jazz MicroFest celebrating Ottawa musicians. The MicroFest will feature four to six groups each evening, each playing a 45-minute set. Read all about the wide range of music and musicians in the OttawaJazzScene.ca article. April 2017 Alayne MacGregor OttawaJazzScene.ca

“I’ve never seen musical borders ” Adam Saikaley unveils his jazz trio music Ottawa pianist Adam Saikaley is a musical Renaissance man. Adept at playing hip-hop, reggae, punk, pop, and jazz, he’s also worked as a DJ, and as a classical music producer on CBC Radio. In the jazz sphere, he’s led tributes to his favourite Miles Davis albums, played 60s and 70s jazz with his quartet, and performed free jazz with local improvisers. His newest project is a jazz piano trio with bassist Alex Bilodeau and drummer Michel Delage. But don’t think Oscar Peterson: Saikaley’s music, while definitely melodic, is influenced by avant-garde pianists like Cecil Taylor and Kris Davis. April 2017 Alayne MacGregor  OttawaJazzScene.ca

GigSpace Jazz MicroFest puts the local into International Jazz Day “It’s a community-building effort. It’s raising the profile of the musicians in Ottawa. It’s showing that we do have stellar musicians in our midst, playing at a very high level.” Read more about how this came together:  March 2017 Alyane MacGregor  OttawaJazzScene.ca

April showers Ottawa-Gatineau with jazz For jazz fans, April in Ottawa is bookended by two notable events – the 2017 Juno Awards at the beginning of the month, and the first GigSpace Jazz MicroFest (and International Jazz Day) at the end. But you’ll have plenty to hear in the middle as well. March 2017 OttawaJazzScene.ca