Mike Rud Concert – Notes on Montreal

Mike Rud presents Notes on Montreal CD Fundraiser Concert
Saturday, December 8th, 2012, 7:30 pm
Tickets: $25 (includes an advance order for the CD, which will be mailed once released)
Tickets available at the door or call 613-729-0693 for advance tickets.

If I say “Montréal” …your heart twinges. Your mind flashes, perhaps to a brief love affair, or autumn on the sacred mountain. Here is a city overfull with life, one immortalized by insightful writers like Roy, Richler, and Tremblay.

Motivated by them, I’ve written: Notes on Montréal
…a CD’s worth of music and lyrics centered on this unforgettable city, and on the way she’s been portrayed by generations of authors. My life’s most ambitious work, Notes on Montréal has taken three years of reading the great novels set here, roaming the streets, and writing and arranging songs to bring that city, the Montréal of our imaginations, out from the pages.

Performing this music takes a rare team, including one of the most beautiful singers anywhere, Sienna Dahlen, along with a seasoned and versatile rhythm section, and a string quartet.

 “Notes On Montreal”  is a concert and a pre CD fundraiser featuring Mike Rud on guitar and voice performing the music he will soon be recording for this CD,  talking a bit about the books that inspired them, and the creative process behind this multi-year project.  This is a terrific opportunity to get an inside view and see the stages an artist goes through from inspiration to the fleshing out of ideas to composing, writing and arranging all leading up to recording.  Within the intimate GigSpace setting you will hear each word and every note,  while enjoying Mike’s stories and good humour.