Moonglow band photoSaturday February 15, 2014
7:30 PM
Tickets: $12 if purchased advance/$15 at the door
Cash at the door or tickets can be purchased in advance with Visa or MC by calling 613-729-0693. please leave a message if you reach our voicemail.

Join us for an evening of original arrangements of jazz and bossa nova numbers . . .

Moonglow is an Ottawa group performing regularly at the Mooney’s Bay Bistro and around the city.

For further information about Moonglow and audio and video clips visit our web site at Moonglow website

Hélène Knoerr
(vocals, double bass)
Devon Woods
(saxes, clarinet, flute)
Chris Smith
Ed Stevens

Hélène Knoerr – A late bloomer, Hélène came out of the shower (where she had been singing jazz standards in the same key as Diana Krall for years) in 2010 during her first Jazzworks Jazz Camp experience. The Jazz Camp combo resulted in a band, Consequence, which performed at the Carleton Tavern and the Mooney’s Bay Bistro in 2011.
A number of recent trips to Cuba and Brazil have done wonders to broaden her vocal and instrumental repertoire as well as improve her tan.
In 2011 she was presented with an electric upright bass for her half-birthday, and has been unsuccessfully trying to grow larger hands ever since. She’s been working hard to develop her abilities in both vocals and bass – after all, she has Esperanza’s hair – with the help of Ottawa-based vocalists Nicole Ratté and Karen Oxorn, and under the guidance en français of one of the best jazz bassists in Canada, John Geggie. Now the proud owner of a double bass, she is returning to Jazz Camp as both a vocalist and a bassist. She formed Moonglow in 2012, and although she has survived several gigs, she is still trying to overcome performance anxiety by having both her hair and her Bourbon straight…

Devon Woods – Devon developed his interest in jazz in the 1970s listening to Sidney Bechet, Lester Young and Horace Silver. He bought his first instruments – a 1930s metal clarinet that he still uses, and a 1920s Buescher soprano sax that is currently being played by Dean Pallen of Rimbombante – in pawn shops in New Orleans and New York City. He gradually developed his musical chops while studying and working in Edinburgh, Ann Arbor, and Utrecht (where he played and tap danced with Simon Smith and the Dancing Bear). In Ottawa he played with George and Roberta Chouchani and John Haysom in the Band of Wails, and much later alongside Dave Jones, Gerg Horvath, Chris Smith, Scott Warren and Chris Fagan in Mo’ Jazz and Jazz Apéritif, and with Laurence Thibault and Christian Rey-Cocquais in Bossa com Beijos. In 2000, he spent two months in Rio de Janeiro and performed nightly during the Carnaval with a samba group at the Loura da Praya club in Copacabana. A series of professional exchanges with Cuban universities allowed him the opportunity to play with Cuban musicians in the Hotel Nacional and other Havana clubs and restaurants. Recently he has made guest appearances with a traditional jazz group, Les Alligators, in Provence. He attended the Jazzworks Jazz Camp from 1996 to 2002 and returned to camp in 2010 and 2011, as a consequence forming the group Consequence with some fellow campers. He then formed the Moonglow Jazz Ensemble, which has just started performing locally.

Ed Stevens – Ed Stevens was born in Boston in 1955 and raised in Ottawa. In his teens he studied violin, cello and double bass, and taught himself to play the guitar. After serving his high school sentence, he went on the road as a guitarist with an assortment of rock bands you never heard of. Switching to violin after a few years on the bar circuit, he managed to pay the rent during his 20s and early 30s by working as a violinist and violist, first in Montreal, then in Toronto. Work in Toronto included a steady gig with the Tafelmusik baroque orchestra, including recordings and extensive touring in Europe and the Americas. Ed dropped out of the music business to earn a degree and pursue a second career in computer systems, but returned to guitar playing as a hobby in 2006, after a healthy 28-year break. He currently works as a systems team leader at Statistics Canada, and plays with anyone in Ottawa who will provide free drinks and/or tolerate the noises he makes.

Chris Smith – Chris began drumming in his teens and played at many venues around Ottawa including the Ottawa Jazz Festival (as the “Jazz Junkies”), Take Five, After Eight and countless pubs and bars that have similarly, coincidentally, since gone out of business. His core group of musicians included Devon Woods, Gerg Horvath and Dave Jones, with a band name that varied based on who got the gig and how many people showed up. Chris also spent those years teaching and playing jazz piano for purely selfish fun.
He then left Ottawa and his drums behind in 2000 to attend law school, picking up his sticks again with Gerg, in several forms, upon his return to Ottawa in 2004. It wasn’t until 2012, coffee in one hand and baby stroller in the other (shout out to Heather and Reid) that Chris met Devon at Bridgehead and the rest, it would seem, is Moonglow.