Nicholas Maclean & Mara Nesrallah

Returning to Ottawa from their studies at Humber College, Nick Maclean (piano) and Mara Nesrallah (voice) present their own take on a stimulating blend of jazz standards and a number of lesser known swing and Latin tunes. Drawing influence from contemporary jazz, blues, swing and Brazilian music, this talented duo promises an entertaining evening of great songs and rich musical interplay.

August 11. 2012
7:30 pm
Tickets $10, Student tickets $5

Tickets available at the door or drop into Alcorn Music Studios between 3 pm and 9 pm Monday thru Thursday, 953 Gladstone.

Nick Maclean
Composer, arranger and jazz pianist extraordinaire, Nick Maclean is a musical force to be reckoned with. Not solely limited to the jazz idiom, Nick is able to cross genres effortlessly and play in a vast array of styles. “My main bread and butter is playing jazz piano, but I’ve done everything from folk-pop to hard rock, playing piano, hammond organ and synthesizer.” Hailing from Canada’s capital, Ottawa, Nick is a highly active member of the local jazz scene. By playing in a wide variety of the local jazz venues and hosting one of the monthly Jazzworksjam sessions, Nick Maclean has established a solid reputation built on his incredible playing and his consummate professionalism.

Writing to film is one of the most rewarding things I do. The different pictures that I’m given draw out so many different textures and colours in my music>.”

In addition to his freelance work, Nick is involved with a number of different projects. His jazz trio the ‘Nick Maclean Trio‘ perform at swing dances, playing old school jazz tunes for the dancers. The jazz quartet, the ‘Nim Shamblers‘ serves as one of his main compositional outlets. This Toronto based band was featured at Nick’s recent compositional showcase and packed the Avant Garde barwhen they came to Ottawa last year. Currently Nick is working on an all original fusion-funk based project which should be making its debut in late September/early October.

Mara Nesrallah
With strong roots in classical and folk music, Mara Nesrallah has been developing her musical ability and her passion for the art from childhood. Although focusing primarily on classical piano throughout her upbringing in Ottawa, her love of composition and singing led her to Humber College’s Bachelor of Contemporary Music program. Now heading into her third year of vocal studies, Mara is an active musician in Toronto, working with several bands representing such diverse genres as jazz, pop, R&B, alternative rock and folk music. Her own project, Mara & The Marigold, features her unique and compelling songwriting style. Her first EP will be released in the coming months.