Nick Fraser/Tony Malaby/Kris Davis

CF 336

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Friday May 6, 2016
7:30 PM- $20

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A new group, the Nick Fraser Trio features compositions by the leader and improvised pieces by the trio. They celebrate the debut of Too Many Continents (released on the Portuguese Clean Feed Records label). This group consists of Malaby and New York-based pianist Kris Davis – two of the world’s best in the field of avant-garde jazz.

“They achieve near telepathic interaction, moving synchronously from delicate opening figures through a co-ordinated tumult of sound” -Stuart Broomer, Wholenote

“This album rewards repeated listenings. It’s wholly musical, well paced, and there’s not a wasted note within. There’s an undeniable bond between the three, and this kinship results in a totally organic, balanced session. Nick Fraser’s Too Many Continents is a grand slam.” -Peter Gough,

“One of New York City’s most in?demand tenor saxophonists, Tony Malaby has become one of the most distinctive artists of his time.” -Troy Collins, All About Jazz

“A freethinking, gifted pianist, Davis lives in each note that she plays. Her range is impeccable; she tackles prepared piano, minimalism and jazz standards, all under one umbrella. I consider her an honorary descendant of Cecil Taylor and a welcome addition to the fold.” -Jason Moran, pianist