Ottawa Guitar Show

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Sunday June 16, 201
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Free Admission!

  • Enjoy guitar performances throughout the afternoon!
  • Check out the GigSpace ART gallery featuring Guitar Art by John Serkerka   Try one out session and Q&A, 2 – 5 pm.
  • Experience beautifully handcrafted guitars & unique designs by these fine local luthiers:

See jazz guitarists play cool guitars at Ottawa Guitar Show  GigSpace is hosting its second Ottawa Guitar Show this Sunday (Father’s Day) from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.. Guitar fans can check out the beautiful and functional offerings from 14 luthiers and others with guitar and related stringed instruments, services and accessories. The event is organized by guitarist Tim Bedner, who is well know to area jazz fans. read full article

ST Guitarworks
Stephan Mongeon
Funston Guitars
Brian Fitzgibbons
DK Guitars
Xaver Guitars
Hawley Guitars
John MacDonald
Oskar Graf
Drew Allgoewer
Cervelle Guitars
Bytown Ukuleles
Ian Weston
Sankey Guitars


Previous Guitar Shows

June 17th, 2012 – Father’s Day 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM  Ten Ottawa-area guitar builders will show their art and workmanship on Father’s Day.   Come out and experience the craft of these fine artisans.
In addition to the luthiers’ displays there will be guitar performances in Blues, Jazz, Classical and Rock idioms throughout the day.

Check out our ART gallery during June featuring Guitar Art by John Serkerka:

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Performance Schedule:

11:00 AM Brian Fitzgibbon with Garry Elliott performance

11:45 AM Mike Sankey with Tim Bedner performance

12:30 PM Bernie Funston with Zak Pleet and Al Brown performance

1:15 PM Xaver Guitars – Gerry Gruber with Tim and Samantha Mouchet performance

2:00 PM Pat Hawley with Lucas Haneman performance

2:45 PM Sean Thompson with Paul Field and Greg Webber performance

3:30 PM Dmitry Kulakov with Alex Millaire and Matthew Blue performance

4:15 PM John MacDonald with TBA

5:00 PM Guillaume Fairfield with Tim Bedner demo

5:45 PM Stephane Audet with Rob MacSpurren demo

6:30 PM Stephan Mongeon with TBA

7:15 PM Ken Backwell with TBA

 Luthier’s Showcase Presenters:

Mike Sankey
Patrick Hawley
Sean Thompson
Dmitry Kulakov
Ken Backwell
Gerry Gruber – Xaver Guitars
Stephane Audet
Guillaume Fairfield
John MacDonald

Stephan Mongeon

Brian FitzgibbonBrian Fitzgibbon Guitars