GigSpace Live Recording: The GigSpace is an ideal venue to capture the creativity and energy expressed during a live concert performance without the background clatter or chatter.  You can contact us about bringing your own engineer or consult with ours.

GigSpace works with and recommends several experienced recording engineers who are familiar with our space:

  • Normand Glaude – Norm has recorded several Live at GigSpace concerts as well as GigSpace in-house recording projects.  Norm also does a mix and master at his studio, Morning Anthem. Please click to contact Norm: Morning Anthem.
  • Mike Mullin – Mike has recorded in GigSpace for numerous projects. In addition to being an audio engineer Mike is a professional musician with many years of experience in many different genre’s of music. For more information about Mike to check out Mike’s website  Please click to contact Mike:  Mike Mullin
  • John Rosefield – With over 22 years of audio industry experience, John continues to enjoy a career mixing live and recorded sound. In addition to his Mixing and Teaching duties at Carleton University, he has mixed on many audio projects with local and national AV / Production companies. John is no stranger to GigSpace and on top of live sound mixing and tracking, he and fellow audio technician Rob Cosh have a Mixing / Mastering room to complete the project. Please click to contact John: John Rosefield

Thank you to Marc Bright-Chochlekov for donating four years of sound recording expertise! Wishing you best of luck with your career in TO!

Preserving unique performances: Marc Bright-Chochlekov, GigSpace recording engineer“If you have attended a GigSpace concert in the past year you have probably seen him. Marc Bright-Chochlekov can often be observed sitting quietly, very quietly, behind the window in the sound booth at the back, listening intently and making the best possible recording of each unique jazz performance. Since January 2013, he has volunteered as GigSpace’s recording engineer, creating archival recordings of the special performances, that won’t and can’t ever be repeated.”  Nov 19/13 Read full article: