Roddy Ellias Quartet

Roddy photo 2015Saturday May 2, 2015
7:30 PM $20

Roddy Ellias – guitars
Mark Ferguson – trombone and piano
Mike Tremblay – saxophones
John Geggie – bass

I’m excited to play with this group of friends and musicians I’ve been associated with for years. This will be our second performance together as a quartet. We’ll play some standards and some new tunes I have written especially for this group.

Roddy Ellias plays fresh compositions with long-time friends this Saturday“I’m aiming for a different concept. What I’m trying to do is think of it like a string quartet or even a small orchestra where rather than … one common jazz approach is melody and harmony and somebody grabs the melody and maybe somebody harmonizes the melody with chords.” April 28, 2015 Alayne McGregor,

“Roddy Ellias is a Canadian jazz guitarist (whose axe of choice is a classical guitar) and composer of extraordinary talent. His creativity is so obvious, that it is at once both startling and inspiring (or if you happen to be feeling insecure at the moment, disheartening). Roddy is a veteran on the Canadian jazz scene; and decades of experience are evident in the fluidity with which his music streams forth to wrap the listener in swells of sound. Don’t get me wrong – Roddy Ellias is no mere “moodmeister”. His music is well thought out, with great attention given to the creation of harmonic progressions that take the ear on a journey containing unexpected digressions onto interesting side roads, melodic lines that truly work to tell a story, and rhythmic elements that always set the proper feel.”
Dr. Steve Kinigstein, Just Jazz Guitar, August, 2014

Tickets available for cash at the door or you can purchase advance tickets through PayPal or if this option does not work for you just give us a call 613-729-0693 or drop in during Alcorn Music Studios open hours.

 PayPal $20 + $1 credit card fee. We do not provide physical tickets, you can print the PayPal receipt for proof of purchase. GigSpace automatically receives notification of your payment and your name and payment information will be recorded for the event. On the night of the concert you just need to check in at the front desk when you arrive.