Sons of Daughters

Sons Of Daughters Concert
June 20, 2012
8:00 pm
Tickets $10:00

Sons of Daughters Workshop
June 21, 2012
4:30 pm
Tickets $10:00

For Tickets call 613-729-0693 to purchase tickets over the phone,  or drop into 953 Gladstone, Monday thru Thursday, 3 pm to 9 pm,  remaining tickets will be available at the door up to one hour before downbeat.

Sons of Daughters
Patrick Breiner – tenor sax, clarinet, voice (Easton, CT)
Aaron Darrell – bass, voice (Boston, MA)
Devin Drobka – drums (New York, NY)

Sons Of Daughters are on the hustle. Not even two years as a band and they’re about to embark on their 5th DIY tour in support of their 4th DIY recording, “Beyond Animals.” The new CD is by far their most reckless, joyous, and genuine recording to date and their first to feature all original music.This trio of decorated Berklee and New School grads met in Milwaukee (don’t ask) in April of 2010. But don’t let their stunning pedigree fool you. This ain’t no Downbeat reading, elbow rubbing, Blue Note wannabe college trio. These guys are bona fide road warriors with an agenda: to climb the highest hill, yell the loudest, and to make damn sure that what they’re saying means something.

Patrick Breiner, Aaron Darrell, and Devin Drobka all contribute compositions ranging from wistful rubato ballades to devil may care free jazz avalanches. Breiner’s tenor saxophone and clarinet are augmented by vocals (his own and those of bassist Darrell). Drobka is the wild card, as likely to play with any object within reach as he is to play his drum kit. In short, a helter-skelter new twist on the classic chordless jazz trio.
new CD Beyond Animals:

“Exit Velocity” performed in South Bend, Indiana in March.

Sons of Daughters Teaching:  Sons Of Daughters teaches clinics and masterclasses to musicians of all ages and skill levels. We focus on portraying an honest, positive perspective on what it’s like to be an improvising musician. We get the students involved in actively discussing music and what it means to them. In addition we give students the opportunity to play with the band in order to give them specific feedback about their playing.

Here’s what people are saying about our clinics:

“Sons of Daughters shared such an inspired sense of adventure with our young musicians at the Governor’s School for the Arts. Our students really enjoyed the trio’s intelligent risk-taking; they learned a lot from the example the group set in their comfort with so many genres, their wicked technique and their seemingly endless options for expression. Sons of Daughters presented all of this in a respectful, collegial environment which still resonates with our students. We look forward to their next visit!”  – Jeff Phelps, Instrumental Music Department Chair, Governor’s School for the Arts, Norfolk, VA

“Sons of Daughters provided an interesting, engaging, and exciting performance/masterclass. They presented some very challenging music in a very palatable way for my students. I would not hesitate to bring them back again.” – Jamie Breiwick, Maple Dale Middle School, Milwaukee, WI

“Smart, interactive improvisation at its best. A must-see for aspiring young musicians. My kids couldn’t stop talking about the amazing array of sounds these guys used!”– Steve Morgan, Madison West High School Band Director, Madison, WI

“..because of my fear of performing with or in front of people… I was too scared of getting up on stage and making a fool of myself. Sons Of Daughters’ open and positive energy motivated me to take the plunge… A huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.”– Nick, Student at MATC (Milwaukee)

“We were thrilled to host Sons of Daughters at Furman University. Their concert was interesting, engaging, and very creative. These guys are onto something fresh and new!”– Matt Olson, Director of Jazz Studies, Furman University

“All of our students found their performance and discussions entertaining and very informational. It was a wonderful day of captivating music, great discussions, and lots of fun. Sons of Daughters is well worth the time and effort.”– Dr. Scott Eckel, Director of Bands, Madison West High School, Madison, WI

We have taught workshops at:
University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI)
University of Wisconsin at Whitewater (Whitewater, WI)
Towson High School (Towson, MD)
Maple Dale Middle School (Milwaukee, WI)
Milwaukee Area Technical College (Milwaukee, WI)
Madison West High School (Madison, WI)
Governor’s School for the Arts (Norfolk, VA)
Madison Music Foundry (Madison, WI)
Lakewood High School (Lakewood, OH)