Steve Boudreau Quartet

Friday November 6, 2015
7:30 PM – $20

Many jazz musicians have presented the music of Thelonious Monk in many different ways. This is partly due to the greatness of his music both as compositions and as vehicles for improvisation. In this concert Steve Boudreau will use Monk’s classic instrumentation, with Toronto’s Will Fisher on drums, Petr Cancura on tenor sax, and bass player TBA.

Together they will present takes on some of the legendary pianists works that show respect to the jazz tradition and the spirit of exploration that Monk embodied.

Steve Boudreau is an Ottawa-based jazz pianist who has performed and taught across North America and Europe. His recordings include “Open Arms”, a solo piano CD, “Pre-Dawn Skies”, an album of original music with guitarist Garry Elliott, and “Playing For Tips”, on electric piano with two drummers. Along with his love of Monk’s music, he also has delved into the worlds of North Indian classical music, Brian Wilson, and Wayne Shorter.