Still Swingin’ Concert Series

GigSpace is excited to present this new concert series featuring senior jazz musicians from Ottawa and Gatineau.  This series was created with the intent of preserving our jazz history by sharing the artists stories, photos, and a performance.  Each concert will be recorded for archival purposes. We will be creating an archival page of photos and video footage for these concerts.

J.P Allain

The Original Brian Browne Trio

Peter Brown Quartet

Being Young and Playing Young “… don’t let the description fool you. The musicians featured are not museum pieces.”

“I have to hand it to GigSpace, the intimate concert space on Gladstone Avenue, for coming up with a concert series with the laudable goal of preserving Ottawa’s jazz heritage” read Peter Hum’s Jazz Blog full article: Five Questions for Marilee Townsend-Alcorn about GigSpace’s Still Swingin’ series – sorry the blog story was removed!

city of ottawa logo

We are delighted this series was made possible with a grant from the City of Ottawa.