Unsung – Geri Childs & Dominique Forest

Saturday, May 26, 2018
7:30 Pm – $20
tickets still available please call 613-729-0693 or pay cash at the door.

Please consider donating a piano tuning for this concert 

In these modern times, we are blessed to have an immense musical universe from which to choose. In this library, there are many beautiful songs and composers who deserve to be heard, but seem rarely to get the attention they deserve. Who knows why?

For this performance, we have chosen a repertoire of songs composed by women; some familiar and some more obscure or forgotten.

Geri Childs and Dominique Forest, accompanied by Art Lawless on piano and Tom Denison on bass will present music from Alberta Hunter, PeggyLee, Dorothy Fields, Laura Nyro, Nora Jones, Phoebe Snow, Zaz and more.