Voci Angelica Trio

Voci Angelica

Friday, October 3
7:30 PM, Tickets $20  

Common Ground: Songs of Home, Love, Loss, and Prayer

The phrase “common ground” is defined as “a foundation for mutual understanding.” Using its own arrangements of global folk songs, Voci Angelica Trio aims to create a musical foundation for diverse cultures to come together. The Trio’s program is filled with musical fusion: mixing sounds from different countries together. Audiences will find themselves surrounded by the interwoven beauty of cello, voices, and percussion.

Voci Angelica Trio Biography:

Re-imagining the boundaries of traditional folk music, Voci Angelica Trio’s riveting arrangements of global songs from every continent leave audiences mesmerized. Shimmering vocal harmonies intertwine with lush cello lines and vibrant percussion to create a musical fusion that transcends cultural divisions.

What started as a side project building on its members’ diverse ethnic backgrounds has become a musical mission. More than just a performance group, Voci Angelica Trio is a humanitarian force promoting social justice and cultural understanding. “We believe that one of the best ways to pursue peace is to sing one another’s songs,” says trio member Jodi Hitzhusen. Meena Malik adds, “We see ourselves as musical ambassadors, using our performances to raise public awareness of diverse cultures and the issues they face.”

The name “Voci Angelica” is Latin for “voices of angels.” Latin is a root language from which many others grew, just as the Trio believes that every culture is rooted in common desires. Aristides Rivas concludes, “Music goes beyond language, religion, and politics. It connects us to our humanity.” For more information, visit: www.vociangelicatrio.com.