Wilson-Delcourt 2014

Wilson Delcourt

Friday, June 27th
7:30 PM –  Tickets: $10
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Just a couple of guys with (sort of) normal lives, who grew up strumming along with Dads and Uncles around campfires and kitchen tables. These days Wilson-Delcourt are totally enjoying writing, performing and recording original material that reflects the many musical influences to which each of us has been exposed. And at the end of the day, this is all about the songs.

Based in Ottawa Ontario, WilsonDelcourt is Wendell Wilson and Rod Delcourt. Each has performed with numerous bands around the Ottawa area over the years, ranging from Country to Rock and “almost” everything in between.
Their first independently produced album, “Long Time Coming” was released in the Fall of 2012, and features a dozen songs. The album contains an interesting blend of tunes which show varying influences of folk, country, rock, and even some Spanish/Flamenco for good measure. The tunes’ basic tracks were recorded live off the floor, over which the odd additional harmony, guitar or percussion track was added to round out the sound.
On his indie music review blog, Sean Coleman writes “Exceptional melodies, well defined, country-folk tinged songs that are sonically sharp and very easy on the ears”, and “This is a thoroughly enjoyable listen in all respects. You will not be assaulted by miles of over-playing or self-indulgence. On the contrary, the sounds will gently work their way into your head, begging to be played again”. (http://finnbros.blogspot.ca/2012/10/long-time-coming.html)
A follow up EP is in the works for 2014.
Website: www.WilsonDelcourt.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wilsondelcourt
Email: WilsonDelcourt@gmail.com